Welcome to our 2018 campaign! Thank you for partnering with us once again in this simple yet effective fundraiser. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of countless women, men, families and students that we are able to impact and encourage every day.

Message from Nataizya

Thank you for joining us once again! Operation Baby Bottle is our major fundraiser each year. It is simple, but effective. Families take an empty baby bottle home after church on Mother’s Day, fill it generously with change,  cash or cheques and return it to church on Father’s Day.



All of the Liaison materials are available for download, including church bulletin printouts, sign-up sheets and more. Click here for the available documents.


Donate Now

Can't make it in to pick up a baby bottle? You can still make a difference! Donate online or call us with your credit card information. The opportunities are endless!